Burger King Japan to sell Black Burger

September 12, 2014

Usually a blackened hamburger bun is chucked in the trash — but not in Japan.

Burger King Japan has announced two new menu items, according to a press release. The Kuro Burgers (or “Black Burgers”) include black buns and yes, even black cheese instead of the usual orange and yellow items. 

They come in Kuro Pearl, which is melted black cheese on top of a beef patty flanked by two pitch black buns, while the Kuro Diamond comes with the regular toppings such as tomato, lettuce and onions. The toppings and beef patty don’t come in black, but the sauce does. Both burgers include a special onion and garlic sauce blackened by squid ink. The burger buns and the cheese are turned a gothic hue with the help of bamboo charcoal. 

This isn’t the first time Burger King Japan has offered black burgers. The original Kuro Buger was offered in September of 2012 for a limited time, marking the fifth anniversary of the restaurant’s return to Japan, according to Kotaku. 

“The black burgers sold extremely well because of their visual impact, but people continued to come back for them because of their taste,” a spokeswoman for the company told the Wall Street Journal’s Japan Real Time.

A post on Burger King Japan’s Facebook page called the black burgers “Two insane. 2 Good to be True.”


The company will start selling the Kuro Burgers in Japan, again for a limited time, beginning September 19.