World Famous Pho touts authenticity, but not afraid to break tradition
A waiter at World Famous Pho Noodle House & Grill serves a bowl of pho that was slow cooked overnight, served with a variety of aromatics and herbs, along with a side of egg rolls.
ANDREAS RIVERA / Standard-Examiner staff

World Famous Pho touts authenticity, but not afraid to break tradition on Histor...

OGDEN — With a mission to deliver a unique and authentic taste to visitors of Historic 25th Street, Tone Te and his team are ready serve up an Asian cuisine experience you’ve never had before.

World Famous Pho Noodle House & Grill is the new kid on the block of Ogden’s restaurant scene, but brings generations-old recipes from southeast Asia to the bowl. 

If you’re not familiar with pho then let’s get you up to speed: pho is a traditional soup originating from southeast Asia. The broth and beef is slow cooked for several hours and served with noodles, veggies and aromatics.  

“People are beginning to realize how healthy it is,” owner Te said. “It’s the perfect place to get a nutritional bowl, protein that’s broken down, fresh herbs.”

Te brews his broth with a combination of bone and meat, letting it simmer overnight for 12 hours, he said. His pho is made from a fusion of styles from Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand.  

The Ogden mortgage broker got into the pho business after taking over his cousin’s restaurant which was previously Shen-Sei Sushi Bar. With the Asian decor already in place, he was inspired by his Cambodian heritage and the food he grew up eating to retool the restaurant to hustle some zesty pho .

Don’t mistake World Famous Pho’s name for arrogance, the title comes from the dish’s world famous status after it exploded into the international mainstream in recent years, Te said. However, his goal is to make his bowls stand out among a sea of pho.

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Tone Te, owner and head chef of World Famous Pho Noodle House & Grill, cooks vegetables over a flaming grill.
ANDREAS RIVERA/ Standard-Examiner staff

Te sets out to do this by importing authentic ingredients straight from Thailand such as big sticks of cinnamon, star anise, cardamom pods and coriander, to name a few. The rest he plans on growing in his family’s garden to provide optimal freshness.

“25th Street is a growing food venue and I’m happy to be a part of it,” Te said. 

Te said he feels like he’s carrying the torch of traditional Asian restaurants that were once abundant along 25th Street. 

“He’s very particular. He inspects every bowl that goes out,” said staff member Joey Sandoval about Te. “And he makes a point to talk to every customer.”

While the restaurant has been open for about two months, they’re still in a soft opening stage with an evolving menu and new ideas coming down the line. Te said he and his chefs have been experimenting with new varieties that veer away from the traditional concoctions such as pork pho and vegetarian pho. He’s even got plans to introduce Mexican-Asian fusion dishes in the near future.

World Famous Pho Noodle House & Grill is located on 154 East 25 St, Ogden. Open 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday-Thursday, and until 11 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays.

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