Warrens Craft Burger returns as family, sit-down restaurant
Manager of Warrens Craft Burger Tim Aguilar talks to his staff after the lunch rush. The restaurant recently opened in its new location on Historic 25th Street.
ANDREAS RIVERA/ Standard-Examiner staff

Warrens Craft Burger opens on 25th Street in Ogden

OGDEN – Now all ages can enjoy Warrens Craft Burger after the restaurant opened in its new location on Historic 25th Street this week.

After a quiet, soft opening last week, Craft Burger was open to all members of the public looking for their gourmet burgers on Monday, Feb. 22. 

The move came after Warrens owner Kirk Dean bought the Bistro 258, located at 258 25th Street, aiming to relocate from the Century Club on 24th and Grant Avenue. The restaurant opened inside the nightclub in 2013 and catered only to the 21-and-older crowd. Dean decided he didn’t want to turn away those under 21 and wanted to turn Craft Burger into a family restaurant for all ages.

Craft Burger manager Tim Aguilar said he’s been surprised by the turnout of customers the first few days without much advertising. A few people have commented to him about missing Bistro 258, but reception has been mostly positive. 

“The biggest part is that it’s a family restaurant, that’s huge for us,” Aguilar said. 

Not only does the restaurant retain Bistro 258’s brick interior and atrium dining room, but Dean also purchased the former restaurant’s recipes and kept its biggest hits on the menu. Staples like the macadamia coconut halibut and the fuzzy peach dessert are prepared by Bistro 258’s chef who is still in the kitchen.

While the restaurant is now family friendly, it still features a full bar. Dean said a bonus to buying Bistro 258 is that it still retains its grandfathered-in status of not requiring a “Zion Curtain,” a partition to conceal from customers where alcoholic beverages are prepared.  

The restaurant still has a few loose ends like the front awning and signage that will soon go up, Aguilar said. The restaurant will likely have a grand opening event after the crew gets settled in. 

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