National Doughnut Day: Top 6 places to get a doughnut in Northern Utah
Friday, June 3 is National Doughnut Day.
Peter de Kievith via iStockPhoto

Best places to get a doughnut in Northern Utah on National Doughnut Day

We asked our readers where to find the tastiest doughnuts for National Doughnut Day on Friday, June 3.

Here’s what you came up with.

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“I grew up there and have moved away now but I’m always craving pie dump donuts.” – Adalinn Louise Earl

“Pie dump in Garland has THE best doughnuts!!!” – Tena Allen

“Their doughnuts are made fresh daily from scratch. They have a monthly special bismark that is always great (May’s Bismarck was Raspberry Cheesecake with White Chocolate frosting). Fridays they make turnovers that are to die for!” -Eric Marble

“Old fashioned donuts in an old fashioned atmosphere. And they are always willing to create new donuts when you request one.” – Sarajan Grandy Marble

“They don’t try to go too fancy, just a really good (fresh!) donut. I’m traditional and typically go plain glazed. If a place can do that right, it’s a good sign. I get their donut holes too.” – Jessica Steinbach

“Tasty’s in Kaysville makes The Best Cake Doughnuts!” – Loretta Park

“I mean I know it’s not unique, but Krispy Kreme’s monthly specials are pretty good. Just had a strawberry-filled shortcake donut last week that was delicious.” – Brett Hein

  • Kent’s — 260 N Main St., Brigham City

“Kent’s in Brigham City has the best glazed doughnut ever!!” – Ashleigh Akin

“Made from scratch every morning and so irresistible!!!” – Desirea Walker

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