National Cheeseburger Day: What’s Northern Utah’s best burger?
Crispy bacon on top of a juicy burger at Steiny’s Family Sports Grill in South Ogden Aug. 9, 2016. The bar has a big group of patrons who watch the 2016 Summer Olympics.
BRIAN WOLFER/Special to the Standard-Examiner

Where to find Northern Utah's best burger for National Cheeseburger Day

Sunday, Sept. 18 is National Cheeseburger Day, so the staff at the Standard-Examiner went on a search for the best burger in Northern Utah. 

We asked Standard-Examiner readers on Facebook what they’re favorite cheeseburger is and what restaurant it comes from. Here’s what some of you had to say: 

Dee Wayment: Red Cliff Ranch and Cafe. Eats Of Eden. In Huntsville and Eden, Utah. Are tied for best burgers in Northern Utah in my book! Standard-Examiner: Dex, what burgers do you like from each of these places? Dee Payment: At Red Cliff the buffalo bacon cheese burger! At Eats Of Eden all of their burgers, if i had to pick the Blue Bacon Burger!

Morgan Sparrow Olsen: Scruds on 25th street or burger bar in Roy! They are both delicious! All the burgers at Scruds are good not just the plain old cheeseburger!

A mushroom burger shares the plate with fries.

Sonya Byers: No Frills Diner in Ogden! Standard-Examiner: Sonya, which burger at No Frills do you like? Sonya Byers: I haven’t had one that was bad. If I had to choose…. Mushroom Swiss would win.

Barry Carr: One of my faves is the cheese Ben with bacon and old fashioned fries at The Burger Bar. Another great one is The Star Burger at the Shooting Star Saloon. And let us not forget the wonderful burgers at Lindquist Field.

Brandon Olsen: Lucky 13, duh. Anything on the menu. Burger Bar is so over rated. I’ve lived right by it for years. Most of the folks who think it’s great have never been to Lucky 13.

The new location of Warrens Craft Burger is on Historic 25th Street in Ogden on Monday, February 29, 2016.
BRIANA SCROGGINS/Standard-Examiner

Susan Oerter-Lee  No one has said Warrens Craft Burger. Everything is good there! Standard-Examiner: Do you have a favorite burger at Warrens, Susan? Susan Oerter-Lee: Standard-Examiner I have tried several and they are all gourmet!!! … I do kind of like the cheeseburger with the egg on top!

Kim Winget Hyland: Steiny’s in Ogden. Standard-Examiner: Kim, what burger do you like at Steiny’s? Kim Winget Hyland: I usually just get a cheeseburger, but my husband loves the Stein Stein Burger. Every one that I have tried though, is really good.

Samantha Bailey: Lucky 13. Hands down. Nothing else even comes remotely close! … Their Ring-of-Fire Burger fully lives up to it’s name!

Braden Bennett Christensen: Big Cheese Ben. Burger Bar Roy, UT

Customers line up to eat at Burger Bar in Roy, home of the signature Big Ben Burger. The restaurant has been featured on Food Network’s “Diners, Drive Ins and Dives.”
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Nicholas Kneipp: The Zephyr Grill at the Ogden Front Runner station; Double Bacon Garlic burger.

Ivan N Nicky Vasquez: Steiny’s in Ogden bdo!!! Try the steiny challange its a hugeeee Burger.

Ron Klepzig: Lucky 13 stinky with applewood bacon and blue cheese. Followed by the mac-n-cheese burger.

Shelly Barlow Hubbard: Warrens Craft Burger. Standard-Examiner: Shelly, which burger at Warrens do you like? Shelly Barlow Hubbard: Craft Burger, BAD Burger, Cheesy Pig, all of them! Every burger I’ve tried I’ve loved. Even their salads are great!

These readers (and all the others who commented on our Facebook post) had so many great suggestions, we couldn’t pick just one. 

Which burger would you pick?