Coffee Links: An artisanal coffee shop
The flower gelatin is handmade at Coffee Links. The entire thing is edible.
CHRISTINA HUERTA/Standard-Examiner

Would you like some art with that coffee?

Coffee can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. Whether preferring it hot, black, iced or blended, one thing java lovers have in common is that they expect it to be good.

Leon Araujo, the owner of Coffee Links cafe, wanted his coffee to be more than good. He wanted his coffee to be an experience.

“It’s about flavor and presentation,” says Araujo. “When you serve food and drinks, it’s a package.”

A native of Mexico, Araujo worked in his family’s coffee shop in Toluca. He says drinking coffee in Mexico is a savored time that requires one to two hours, a comfortable setting with good music, and good conversation.

Upon moving to Utah, Leon and his family tried several local coffee shops, but none where quite like the ones back home. So they decided to open one of their own.

“The space is like a connection between different people.” says Araujo regarding the café name. “Just like a website when you click on a link, you start to connect with different people.”

Puzzle Art decorates the walls at Coffee Links.
(CHRISTINA HUERTA/Standard-Examiner)

The coffee shop offers a variety of coffees and specializes in Italian-style black and red espresso. For those dining in, the espresso is served in a porcelain mug with latte art for an added artisanal touch. Teas and smoothies are also served.

The food menu includes sandwiches, salads, quesadillas and the most popular item, the Mollete, a baguette topped with beans, cheese and meats. Mexican flan and flower gelatin are handmade from a family recipe by Araujo’s wife and sons.

The Mollette is traditional Mexican dish served at Coffee Links.
(CHRISTINA HUERTA/Standard-Examiner)

“You meet a lot of interesting people,” says Araujo’s son and barista Leon Jr. “You get your regulars that come in, and you kind of make them family.”

Kristin Gocong says she visits the café at least twice a week. “What keeps me here is the time and art they put into it.” says Gocong. “It’s more art than just a drink.”

Coffee Links is located in the South Washington Plaza at 3725 Washington Blvd. The cafe is open Tuesday through Sunday with an open mic night every Friday. Check out their Yelp or Facebook page to find out more.