Coffee Links to relocate to The View on 20th apartment complex
A red espresso and caramel flan are popular menu items at Coffee Links.
(CHRISTINA HUERTA/Standard-Examiner)

Artisan coffee shop to move to downtown

OGDEN — A family-owned coffee shop in South Ogden will be moving in July to a new location in downtown Ogden. 

Coffee Links cafe will move by July 1 to a new location in The View on 20th apartment building, 238 Park Blvd. Leon Eraujo, who owns Coffee Links, said the new shop will be more visible to customers. 

“Where we are right now is kind of off the road,” said Mauricio Eraujio, who works at Coffee Links with his father. “Most people don’t even know there are stores or coffee shops out here.”

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Once the new location is in business, the Coffee Links store will close at 3725 Washington Blvd. #6, South Ogden.

Mauricio Eraujo said he hopes that being more closely located to not only the apartment buildings, but the DaVinci Academy and a community bike trail will bring in more customers.

Although there is not an official opening date for the new location yet, when the time comes the Eraujos plan to host a grand opening. Details for the event will be provided on the Coffee Links Facebook page.

The shop serves a variety of coffees, including Italian-style black and red espresso. Additionally the shop has a selection of teas, smoothies and food options.