Food tours offer a new way to experience Ogden’s Historic 25th Street
Participants on the Good Eats Food Tour wait for samples outside Pig and a Jelly Jar in Ogden on May 31, 2017.

Food tours offer a new way to experience Ogden's Historic 25th Street

OGDEN — Whether you are unfamiliar with Ogden or call yourself a native, a food tour on the town’s Historic 25th Street is a new way to explore some of the city’s offerings.

The Good Eats Food Tour allows participants the opportunity to try samplings of food from six different local restaurants on 25th Street over two hours.

Glen and Nicole Ames officially began hosting the tour this Memorial Day. The Ogden couple fell in love with food tours on various trips they have taken throughout the United States and were excited to bring the opportunity to their hometown.

The first stop was Tona Sushi where group members tried traditional gyoza and a sushi roll with a twist. Gyozas are Japanese potstickers. These pan fried dumplings were filled with pork and served with soy sauce.

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Tona Sushi was the first stop on the Good Eats Food Tour. The restaurant sign is shown here on May 31, 2017.

The sushi roll served was called the Grinch roll. This less traditional roll contained basil and a balsamic soy sauce among other ingredients. Additionally it is coated with green tempura bites, which give the roll its name.

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Waitress serves Grinch roll to Good Eats Food Tour participants at Tona Sushi on May 31, 2017.
MATILYN MORTENSEN/Standard-Examinier

Another stop was O’ Town Noodle House where participants were served Chicken Pho, a Vietnamese noodle soup, and vegetable tempura. The lightly fried mixed vegetables were a tour favorite for many people.

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Last on the tour was a visit to Waffle Love. The store serves waffles with a variety of toppings, such as lemon curd, ice cream and Nutella. Chocolate filled waffles are also available.

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Waffle Love was the last stop on the Good Eats Food Tour. The inside of the store is shown here on May 31, 2017.

Waffle Love served half waffles with cream and strawberries to the group. The waffle was warm and doughy with bits of pearl sugar. This hard sugar added a sweet crunch to the waffle.

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Other tour stops included Pig in a Jelly Jar, The Bickering Sisters and Lucky Slice Pizza. The various samples over the two hour tour were filling and altogether participants received more food than a typical restaurant meal would include.

Patricia Cochrane came from Brigham City to go on the tour. She said it was worth the trip down and the money, although the tour was not what she had anticipated. She had expected to learn more about the individual restaurants and the history of 25th Street.

Nola Spicer was another tour participant from Roy. She also wanted to hear more about the history of the street. In particular, she was curious to know if there were specific reasons the restaurants choose 25th Street for their location.

Spicer also said she enjoyed the opportunity the tour provided for meeting people and exploring the city.

“It makes you want to come back and visit not only the shops but the area,” Spicer said.

Glen said with the help of the restaurants the food part of the tour has been perfected this past week and now he and Nicole will focus their efforts on the history aspect.

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Nicole Ames shares a story on the Good Eats Food Tour outside of Pig and a Jelly Jar on May 31, 2017.

“I think the food portion is really good now, everybody is very happy with that,” Glen said. “I have stopped hearing comments (about the food) now that we have made our changes to that. Now the comments have just been, ‘We want to hear a little bit more about the history.’”

Because of this, Glen said they are working to become more educated about the area so they have more material to share. In the future he said they may even share some of Ogden’s ghost stories on the tour.

Nicole said she has been pleasantly surprised by the gratitude people have expressed for the tour.

“I’ve been really pleased with how many times people have said to us, ‘Thank you for doing this. We needed this,’” Nicole said.

Reservations for the food tour can be made at Tours are $29 per person and are limited to 16 people.