Ogden’s Even Stevens close to being able to serve beer, canned wine
This April 6, 2016 photo shows people mingling outside Ogden's Even Stevens at 2214 Washington Blvd. For every sandwich bought at the eatery, Even Stevens donates a sandwich to a local nonprofit. The state's recently relaxed proximity law will allow the Ogden site to serve beer.
BRIANA SCROGGINS/Standard-Examiner

Ogden's Even Stevens close to being able to serve beer, canned wine

OGDEN — Billed as “A Sandwich Shop with a Cause,” the Even Stevens in Ogden will soon join several of its other locations in being able to serve beer with its meals.

“For every sandwich purchased we donate a sandwich to a nonprofit, but the beer will help drive sales and attract customers to us,” said Samuel Grenny, director of Community Engagement for Even Stevens.

Earlier this year state lawmakers passed legislation giving Utah the nation’s lowest legal blood alcohol content limit (.05). At the same time, they also shortened the distance an alcohol-serving establishment had to be from churches and schools from 600 to 300 feet. 

The new law worked in Even Stevens’ favor. The Ogden shop at 2214 Washington Blvd. measures 383 feet from the Ogden LDS Temple at 350 E. 22nd St., according to Grenny. A previous story detailed the Ogden Even Stevens’ dilemma of being four feet short at 296 feet, but Grenny said that measurement was incorrect.

“We might have had some confusion two months ago on the exact distance,” Grenny said. “So we got lucky … we’re far enough away from the Temple.”

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But Even Stevens still has one more hurdle to clear to get its liquor license in hand. On Wednesday, June 28,  it goes before Utah’s Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control board for its approval.  

“We feel very confident we’ll get it,” Grenny said.

And if all goes well at that session, the Ogden Even Stevens should start serving up locally brewed beers by the can and bottle — along with Infinite Monkey Theorem canned wines — next Saturday, July 1. 

The first Even Stevens opened June 24, 2014 in Salt Lake City, with the premise of donating a sandwich to an area nonprofit for every sandwich sold. According to the company’s website, that model resulted in 30,000 donated sandwiches within its first six months.

Ogden’s Even Stevens is one of seven Utah locations. The company also operates one shop in Idaho and six in Arizona. In addition to sandwiches, its menu also features salads, breakfast/brunch items and lighter “bites” fare. 

On Sept. 9 from noon to 10 p.m., Even Stevens will sponsor Givestock, a community music and art fair, at Fort Buenaventura, 2450 A Ave. in Ogden. For every Givestock ticket purchased, the company will donate two meals to the Utah Food Bank.

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