Johnny O’s Spudnuts plans to open new Layton location on Hill Field Road
Powdered, glazed and chocolate doughnuts from a variety pack sold at supermarkets
Photo supplied/The Washington Post

New Johnny O's Spudnuts shop set to open in Layton

LAYTON — A new kind of doughnut is coming to Layton in July.

Johnny O’s Spudnuts is opening a store at 2151 N. Hill Field Road in Layton. The business also has a location in Logan.

Johnny O’s sells doughnuts made fresh each day from a mix of potato and wheat flours — hence the reason they’re called “spudnuts.” The business will open sometime after July 17, when work on the new location is expected to be finished.

Doughnuts made with potato flour absorb less oil than typical doughnuts. This means spudnuts have fewer calories than other types of doughnuts, said Sarah Jane Allen, the manager of the new Layton store.

As far as spudnut types go, Allen said she loves the old-fashioned ones Johnny O’s sells.

“Our old fashioned is better than any old fashioned I have ever had,” Allen said.

In addition to doughnuts, Johnny O’s will sell Cafe Ibis Coffee, ice cream, dirty drinks and hot chocolate. They make mini doughnuts too.

Johnny O’s will deliver doughnut orders for free if customers order over two dozen regular doughnuts or over four dozen mini doughnuts.