8 restaurants that S-E readers say should come to Northern Utah
In this March 8, 2010, file photo, an employee passes an order to a customer at a Panera Bread store in Brookline, Mass. Panera was one of several restaurants that Standard-Examiner readers wish would come to Utah.
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Which restaurants should come to Northern Utah? Here are a few suggestions

Everyone has at least one restaurant they wish was closer by. 

Standard-Examiner readers recently responded to a Facebook post that asked them which chain restaurant they wanted to see open in Northern Utah the most.

Responses ranged from regional chains with only a handful of locations to worldwide chains that are just out of reach for locals. 

Here’s what you, our readers, had to say.

Was your favorite spot left out of this list? Tell us what you wish was nearby in the comments below. 

Jack In The Box

By far one of the most popular choices, the San Diego-based Jack In The Box is known for their burgers, fries and fried tacos. The closest Jack In The Box locations are in Pocatello, Idaho and Cedar City. 

Panera Bread

This Midwest-based chain serves soup, sandwiches, pastries and many types of bread. Although Panera is a nationwide chain, the closest locations are in Idaho Falls, Las Vegas and Littleton, Colorado. 

Waffle House

This 24-hour chain is known for its small, cozy locations that serve breakfast food around the clock. Whether you’re looking for waffles, eggs, burgers or steaks, you’ll find it at Waffle House. This chain is predominantly found in Southern states, and the closest locations are found near Denver or Phoenix. 

White Castle

If you love sliders, chances are you said you want to see White Castle arrive in Northern Utah. Whether you get one slider or an entire Crave Case, this Kansas-based restaurant has something for everyone. However, the nearest city to get your fill of the bite-sized burgers is Las Vegas. 

Long John Silver’s

This fast food chain serves mostly seafood and chicken, along with sides like hushpuppies and coleslaw. The closest places to find the deep-fried fish franchise are Las Vegas, Rock Springs, Wyoming and Montrose, Colorado. 


This Southern favorite is known for their Cajun-fried chicken and tasty buttermilk biscuits. Unfortunately for Utahns, or anyone in the western part of the United States, Bojangles’ locations are only found in the South, with the westernmost location found in Alabama. 

Church’s Chicken

Church’s serves a variety of chicken, ranging from the classic fried chicken they are known for, to spicy chicken, boneless wings and much more. The closest places for Utahns to get their fix of Church’s is Kayenta or Chinle, Arizona. 


If you love hot dogs or Italian beef, chances are you’re a fan of Portillo’s. Whether you’re in the mood for a burger, a hot dog or even a slice of cake, Portillo’s is a must-have restaurant. Although the franchise is heavily based in the Chicago area, a handful of locations can be found near Phoenix and the greater Los Angeles area. 

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