Owners of Formosa Snow Food truck rename frozen treat in honor of late daughter
Formosa Snow Ice is a food truck serving a variety of frozen treats including Taiwanese Snow Ice. Formosa owners, Heber and Brittany Wayman will change the name of this dish on their menu to Eve's Snow Ribbons to honor their daughter who died last year.

Owners of Formosa Snow Food truck rename frozen treat in honor of late daughter

One Salt Lake family is using their shaved ice business to honor the memory of their daughter who died last year.

Brittany and Heber Wayman began their shaved ice business Formosa Snow Ice in the summer of 2015. In addition to selling more traditional Hawaiian style shaved ice, the Waymans also sell Taiwanese snow ice, boba drinks and frozen drinks. The couple both served LDS missions in Taiwan, which is where they learned about Taiwanese snow ice.

“It’s a very common dessert over there and Heber just wanted to bring it back (here),” Brittany said. 

Heber had the idea because he wanted to provide the couple’s daughters an opportunity to gain a strong work ethic as they grew up. At the time, the Waymans had four daughters under age four. A fifth daughter was born in December 2015, making it five girls under five. The girls are now ages five and under.

Although business was successful the first summer, the Waymans almost didn’t reopen the next year because their 16-month-old daughter Eve passed away unexpectedly in February 2016. Family and friends helped keep the business going, doing everything from obtaining permits to operating the truck at times.

This year, the Waymans decided to change the name of the Taiwanese snow ice on their menu to Eve’s Snow Ribbons, in honor of their daughter. 

“That was something that my husband really wanted to do was make sure that she was a very obvious part of our family still and an important part,” Brittany said.

In the future they are considering changing the name of the whole business to include Eve’s name, she said. 

Although Taiwanese snow ice is a new concept in Utah, Brittany said people have been willing to try it. Once they do, she said they rarely order the Hawaiian shaved ice and stick to the Taiwanese treat.

Unlike Hawaiian shaved ice, which is shaved and then flavored, Taiwanese snow ice is dairy based and flavored before it is shaved. Brittany described it as ribbons of very light, fluffy ice cream. Popping pearls and fresh fruit can be served on top of it.

The frozen drinks the Waymans serve are similar to smoothies, Brittany said, and come a variety of flavors such as brownie batter, peaches and cream, and purple velvet.

Purple velvet is a mix of Brittany’s own creation. The combination is a secret, but she said she hasn’t had anyone try it and not like it.

Eve’s death is still challenging for the family. Because the business was setup to provide opportunities for all of their girls, it is difficult that one of them is now missing. However, Brittany hopes it can also be a way that Eve can still be a part of their family.

“I think one day when my girls can help out it’s just going to be a really awesome family business,” Brittany said. “I think it’s just going to be something really great that we can do together as a family in memory of Eve and to have her be a part of our family too.”

Formosa Shaved Ice can be found almost every week at the Bountiful Farmer’s Market on Thursdays from 3-8 p.m. Brittany said she posts other events the truck will be at Formosa Snow’s Facebook and Instagram accounts.

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