Farr Better Ice Cream expands Ogden location to include shave ice, more space
Patrons eat in the newly expanded wing at Farr Better Ice Cream on Saturday, Aug. 12, 2017, in Ogden.
MATT HERP/Standard-Examiner

Farr Better Ice Cream expands Ogden location, adds shave ice to the menu

OGDEN — You could stick with a traditional scoop of chocolate or vanilla at Ogden’s Farr Better Ice Cream, but now — thanks to a building expansion — you probably won’t have to stand in line as long and could even order a shave ice.

Farr Better has been operating in Ogden for almost 100 years, and in May a new section of the building was opened upstairs to accommodate more customers and the addition of a Hokulia shave ice stand.

Andi Ward, a supervisor at the Ogden shop, has worked there for a little more than 14 years.

She said before the other side of the building was opened, it sometimes got so full and took so long to get ice cream their customers would get frustrated and leave.

“We had lines out the door almost every single night, and it was jam packed with no room to sit,” Ward said.

Todd Crawford, the Farr Better retail sales manager, said the original space only had 700 square feet of space. The new area upstairs adds an additional 2,200 square feet, including the Hokulia shave ice stand.

Ward said there are about 50 more seats in the new area as well.

“It’s not as insane as it used to be at all,” she said. “It has helped us out a lot.”

Crawford said the company owns Hokulia and the roughly 60 franchised trucks they operate out of across the country from Alaska to Florida. Most of them only operate during the summer months.

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A patron orders something from Hokolia Shave Ice in the newly expanded wing of Farr Better Ice Cream on Saturday, Aug. 12, 2017, in Ogden.
MATT HERP/Standard-Examiner

“But we’ve learned this is something that probably doesn’t need to be seasonal,” Crawford said. “It could be a year-round treat.”

To that end, a Hokulia was included in the Farr Better building expansion. It serves 12 specialty ice cream flavors, 20 tropical smoothies and more than 30 varieties of shave ice.

On Tuesday Aug. 8, a Hokulia employee spun a cylinder of clear ice on a Swan SI-100E, piled a scoop of ice cream on top and then added another pile of ice shavings the size of a grapefruit, all for $4.32, including tax.

“It’s super, super light, and it comes out in a ribbon and fills a cup, then you an put ice cream in the middle and a flavor on top,” Crawford said.

Crawford’s personal favorite is a short board — a small — with a scoop of vanilla and tiger’s blood flavoring, which is a combination of watermelon and strawberry.

The building expansion also includes an old-fashioned ice cream shop counter with Farr Better’s more than 40 flavors of ice cream. Hand spun shakes, hot fudge sundaes and banana splits are also served there.

“We’re kind of like an ice cream counter you would have experienced at a Woolworths,” Crawford said.

Talk of expansion at the Ogden location — which is known for its long lines and packed storefront on Saturdays — started about four years ago when the nearby The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints temple was rededicated.

At the time, the Ogden Farr Better temporarily opened another section of the building.

“We kind of knew our business could undergo a larger transformation, and we know we had the capability of doing that, it just finally felt right,” Crawford said.

The idea really took hold in January, construction began in March and the second section of the building officially opened in May.

“It was time,” Crawford said. “Ogden has kind of had a regrowth, a resurgence.”

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